Ex-Chelsea man Ashley Cole poured champagne over MTV’s Donatella Panayiotou in a club, LAPD want to talk [Mirror]

The top story on the Mirror’s website on Sunday is a story concerning former Chelsea man Ashley Cole.

Cole, currently enjoying the off-season in LA, is accused of assaulting MTV presenter Donatella Panayiotou in a club.

According to the report, Cole, who left Chelsea at the end of last season when his contract expired, is alleged to have poured champagne over Donatella Panayiotou, and now she is hoping to press charges against the English footballer.

That said, the general perception from reading the article is that Ashley Cole will get off scott-free.

The Mirror’s article is loaded with buzzwords including “a furious bust-up” plus the line “dozens of stunned revellers witnessed the ­incident – with one saying it resembled a ‘saloon bar brawl.'”

Other details sprinkled in the piece include the claim that Ashley Cole poured the bubbly over the MTV employee saying “You know what that is for!”, Donatella Panayiotou reacted by slapping him round the face, whilst it’s alleged that Ms Panayiotou “also told officers she was pushed and shoved during the bust-up, which she says ended with her throat piercing being ripped out.”