Guarani’s youth keeper Diego scores a freak 90-yard goal v Guarany-SE

Saturday in Brazil saw the latest round of the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior.

Guarani’s kid thrashed Guarany-SE 4-0, and the second goal of the game was special for the hosts as it was scored by keeper Diego.

The goal itself was a complete fluke.

After receiving the ball on the edge of his own box as his defender looked to relieve pressure, Guarani’s keeper Diego simply smacked the ball upfield looking to clear his lines.

There was obviously no goal-scoring attempt made in the punted clearance, however Diego was being congratulated barely seconds later after his oppositie number cocked-up big-time allowing the ball to bounce over his head and into the net.

Watch Guarani’s youth keeper Diego score a freak 90-yard goal below.

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