Everyone loves a scoring goalie: Danijel Subasic (Monaco) vs Boulogne

Usually when things like this happens it’s not a one off.

There are a handful of goalkeepers located in various corners of the planet who carry reputations for scoring free-kicks and penalties with some regularity. That statement, however, fails to ring true for Danijel Subasic.

27-years-old, current Monaco custodian Subasic had never scored a goal in his career before Friday night. Then, against relegation threatened Boulogne, that all changed.

In the 56th minute, with the scores locked a one-apiece, the Principality won a free-kick just outside the home Boulogne box. Croatian keeper Subasic deceided to marked 80-yards upfield to stand over the set-play, and amazingly the goalie curled a low shot into the bottom corner.

Watch Monaco keeper Danijel Subasic net his first ever career goal here.

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