Everybody loves a scoring goalie: Diego Rodriguez (San Lorenzo) vs Independiente

And in time-honoured fashion, the goal was the final action of the match which saw San Lorenzo claim a dramatic, last-gasp point.

The footage comes from the Brazilian reserve league on Monday night which saw San Lorenzo’s second string take on their Independiente counterparts.

2-1 down and deep into injury time, San Lorenzo won a corner which afforded them one final chance to claim a point from the game. With nothing left to lose, home keeper Diego Rodriguez marched up form the back to take his place in the danger area, hovering around the top of the box when the corner kick was initially taken.

Connecting with the corner, a San Lorenzo player managed to get a header on target only to see his effort blocked by an Independiente defender close to the goal-line. And then amazingly, having gambled on the ball coming back into the middle of the mixer, Diego Rodriguez found himself with the chance to strike on goal and the number one made no mistake from three yards out.

Diego Rodriguez’s goal can be seen here.