Every single goal Luis Suarez has scored for Liverpool v Norwich in 1 post

“He is obviously a real handful, but there will be no fear about facing Luis Suarez.” – Norwich boss Chris Hughton before tonight’s game…

Luis Suarez’s record against Norwich is unbelievable.

It has gone as follows:

Norwich 0 – Liverpool 3, Premier League, April 28, 2012. Luis Suarez hat-trick.

Norwich 2 – Liverpool 5, Premier League, September 29, 2012. Luis Suarez hat-trick (in 55 minutes).

Liverpool 5 – Norwich 0, Premier League, January 19, 2013.  Luis Suarez scores just one goal v Norwich.

Liverpool 3 – Norwich 0, Premier League, December 4, 2013. Luis Suarez scored a hat-trick in 20 minutes. Added a fourth in the second half!