Eusebio’s wonderful comedy performance on Phoenix From The Flames with Skinner & Baddiel

RIP Eusebio.

Football fans born in the 80s in Britain will likely have been glued to their TV sets in the 90s to watch Baddiel and Skinner’s Fantasy Football League comedy show.

Before the likes of Soccer AM, Fantasy Football League was the original football entertainment TV show in which the two footy-crazed comedians managed to pull in some of the greatest names in the Beautiful Game onto their crappy sofa and participate in their skits.

One of the regular features of the show was a segment called Phoenix From The Flames which involved an ex-pro recreating their most famous football moment with the comics.

Back in 1998, during the World Cup in France, the Black Panther himself appeared in one memorable episode in which the Portuguese hero relived his historic four-goal haul at Goodison Park in 1966 against North Korea.

Watch that brilliant episode, complete with inappropriate jokes from Eusebio about North Korea, below.