“Eusebio is immortal. One of the great figures of Portugal” – Jose Mourinho

As someone who worked as a translator at the start of his football career, Jose Mourinho often has a way with words, and so it has proved after the sad death of Eusebio.

The Chelsea boss has spoken to Portuguese news agencies following the passing away of Eusebio and said: “He was one of the great figures of Portugal. Eusebio stands for Portugal and the Portuguese, he was a very important person.

Mourinho continued: “Eusebio and Amalia (a popular singer) are great lords of Portugal, I still see them in this perspective. I think they are immortal. We all know what it means for football and especially for Portuguese football.”

On Eusebio, Mourinho added: “Eusebio was an important landmark for football, in terms of values​​, principles and feeling even after finishing his career.”

Finally, Mourinho explained where Eusebio would rank nowadays: “The death of the ‘Black Panther’ leaves a great void, but I prefer to see it from the perspective of immortality. Eusebio was from a completely different generation and if you tried to make parallels with football today, he would be at the level of what are the greatest footballers. Today if he was 20 or 30 it would be an amazing thing.”