Eurosport quiz Cristiano Ronaldo on his arrogance, women (and Brad Pitt) & Real Madrid

With all the various news outlets now vying for air time, Eurosport have scooped a great interview with Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo in which their the female interviewer asked CR7 some of the tougher questions which star has had to answer.

First up for debate was whether or not Ronaldo considers himself as arrogant or not. Unrepentant of his playing style, Ronaldo responded by saying his is very comfortable with his behaviour on the pitch. Arguing he is an “entertainer,” Ronald refused to call himself arrogant. (Watch here.)

Next, a picture of Angelina Jolie was shoved in Ronaldo’s face as he was asked to justify why he believes Jolie is “his perfect woman.” After a quick mumble, Ronaldo showed a more sensitive side answering  “well, she also has a gorgeous husband. I think they make the perfect couple… I have to say, I like both of them.” (Watch here.)

His future at Old Trafford was then quizzed as he was asked to tell the truth about the rumours linking him with Real Madrid. Here Ronaldo’s media coaching quickly knocked into gear, and a rehearsed response of “I have always said I want to play abroad” was neatly followed by comments like “I like it in Manchester. I feel at home here. And I have to say that I want to stay here.” (Watch here.)

Other segment of the interview touched upon being part of Manchester United’s Champions League win and his aims for the future.