ESPN Press Pass: Focus on Arsenal in the close-season (video)

Former Arsenal midfielder Freddy Ljungberg joined regulars Janusz Michallik and Tommy Symth in the ESPN Soccernet Press Pass to discuss how the Gunners are fairing and how they can improve next season.

Getting straight into the debate, Freddy openly confessed “its hard at the moment… I get sad just to look at the results in the past few years.” The Swede agreed that the North Londoners have been under-performing in recent seasons before ending off with his blind optimism that things will hopefully get better. Somehow.

Next, the show’s leading pundit Janusz Michallik dived into the debate of the Gunners. Janusz was asked about Thomas Vermaelen with the talking-head wryly responding “would anybody know Vermaelen? I think some people in the dressing room are asking questions.” The pundit then argued that the Gunners are waiting for some experience to be brought into the dressing room to help the return back to winning ways.

Lastly, loud-mouth Tommy Smyth was asked to thumb over Wenger’s problems with players exiting the club. The Old Onion Bag shouted that “at some point Arsene Wenger is gonna have to say ‘Ok, I dont have a policy for buying players but I’m gonna have to have a policy in place for keeping the players I have… Every time they have a dominated player they’re gone… One of these days the Arsenal fans are gonna start up a rumpus and they deserve it.”

ESPN’s discussion over the current status of Arsenal can be seen here.