Escaping Justice: Sessegnon & Makelele avoid certain red cards

Despite dodging dismissals during the match, PSG’s Stephane Sessegnon and Claude Makelele could yet find themselves in hot water for two violent incidents during the Parisians 2-1 defeat of St. Etienne on Saturday night in Ligue 1.

The first moment of controversy arrived after just 10 minutes of the contest. Looking to burst into the box, Stephane Sessegnon appeared to be hacked down from behind by his opponent Blaise Matuidi on the edge of the area, only for the referee to allow the play to continue with the PSG forward grounded. Matuidi, clearly upset with Sessegnon’s tumble, then provocatively stood over his victim as he rolled around on the floor. By the time the camera moved back to the action Sessegnon had jumped to his feet feet, walked over to Matuidi, and then was seen to clearly headbutt the number 12 in retaliation. For his part, Matuidi did milk the situation by reacting as if he’d been shot by a sniper, but without question Sessegnon’s behaviour deserved a red card. He was let off with a tame booking.

Then later in the game Claude Makelele became the second PSG player to avoid a certain sending-off for a reckless foul on Yohann Benalouane.

In the 71st minute, the St. Etienne midfielder won the ball in the middle of the park in a 50/50 with Ludovic Giuly. Benalouane’s heavy touch in winning possession saw the ball run in the direction of Makelele, and another 50/50 situation quickly materialised.

The result was bone-crunching. Lunging two-footed into the challenge, a filthy tackle from the former Chlesea midfielder caught Benalouane halfway up his right leg, and without question a red card was meritted. Unfortunately, for the second time in the match the referee acted limp-wristedly, and only a yellow card was brandished.

It could well be that the Ligue 1 video committee review both decisions to impose retrospective bans for both Makelele and Sessegnon. If that is to be the case, it would sour what was otherwise a night to remember for PSG who moved up to second in Ligue 1 while their opponents continue to dice with the relegation zone.

Both Sessegnon and Makelele’s red card worthy offences can be seen here.