EPIC ‘Keeper FAIL! Bahrain sub ‘keeper Ogaimi looks like he’s never played the game before in 6-1 defeat to Kuwait

Kuwait’s rout of Bahrain in the Gulf Cup 3rd/4th place play-off may look like a foregone conclusion, but that’s without taking the context into consideration.

Bahrain actually took the lead inside the first minute, and were well in the game right up until they had ‘keeper Abbas Ahmed Khamis sent off at the beginning of the 2nd half.

Though replacement Mohammed Al Ogaimi deserves no blame for not saving the resultant penalty, his respective reactions to the following 3 goals were frankly hilarious for a game of such high level.

The goal that made it 4-1 was a real doozy from Al Ogaimi. As Kuwait’s Bani leapt to direct a header goalwards, Al Ogaimi was like a bunny rabbit caught in the headlights. The ball whizzed over his head, and, looking slightly afraid he flapped a wussy hand at the ball once it had crossed the line, as if it was some foreign object.

How bad must Bahrain’s 3rd choice ‘keeper be?!

Watch Mohammed Al Ogaimi’s hilariously awful reaction to Kuwait’s 4th goal during the Gulf Cup 3rd/4th place play-off for Bahrain.

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