FAIL! Keeper Soulama (Burkina Faso) sent off for catching the ball outside the box

Abdoulaye Soulama can thank his free-scoring team mates for largely saving his blushes in Burkina Faso’s win over Ethiopia.

The Stallions eventually ran out 4-0 winners, but it could have all gone pear-shaped, when at 1-0, Burkine ‘keeper Soulama had what could be best described as a brain fart.

Dashing off his line far too early to collect am Ethiopian ball over the top, Soulama didn’t realise he’d gone beyond his box perimeter, and caught the ball.

Then, realising mid-air that he was outside, he tried ever-so-badly to tuck himself back inside, when even then the ball was still just about outside the box!

Soulama’s reaction was priceless, as the Burkine ‘keeper gave the ref the most irresistible pair of puppy dog eyes you’ve ever seen in a vain attempt to escape the inevitable red card.

The ref didn’t bat an eyelid though, and brandished Soulama with the red.

Watch Abdoulaye Soulama’s double EPIC FAIL below in video and gif.