Epic Goalie FAIL: Robert Tufisi (CSM Ramnicu Valcea) completely misses the ball, concedes own goal

An epic FAIL was recorded in the Romanian second division on Tuesday night.

Mioveni registered a routine 2-0 home win over second-bottom CSM Ramnicu Valcea, and the visitors had no-one to blame for their defeat except themselves.

The lowlight of the defeat for Valcea came as the fell 2-nil behind in hilarious circumstances.

Under slight pressure from a Mioveni forward in the 74th minute, Valcea’s number four chose to ‘play safe’ and pass the ball back to his keeper Robert Tufisi. The pass was perfectly straightforward, as it rolled at a regular pace back to the stopper, whilst rolling along the deck.

Then came the FAIL.

In inexcusable fashion (ok, the ball did hit a sleight divit), keeper Tufisi fluffed his kick with an air shot. The ball trickled past the custodian’s foot and, despite a desperate late dive from the goalie, ended up in the back of the net.


Watch Robert Tufisi’s epic goalie FAIL below.

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