Epic goalie FAIL: Rapid Vienna’s Lukas Konigshofer is fooled by a fake whistle, Vojvodina’s Milan Bojovic scores

A crazy goal was spotted in Serbia on Thursday night in the Europa League, as Vojvodina Novi Sad edged Rapid Vienna 2-1.

The decisive goal was a complete farce.

After defending a set-play in the 94th minute of the match, Rapid Vienna keeper Lukas Konigshofer voluntarily surrendered possession after being duped by a fake whistle from seemingly a rogue in the crowd.

After hearing the peep! Konigshofer intuitively tossed the ball onto the floor to take the ‘free-kick’, only for Vojvodina striker Milan Bojovic to steam in and whack the ball into the gaping goal.

Watch the mad footage below.

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