Epic FAIL! Fair play goes wrong, then right in Georgia in the match between Dinamo Tbilisi & Sioni Bolnisi

A freak incident happened in the Georgian first division on Wednesday night in the league match between Dinamo Tbilisi and Sioni Bolnisi.

The match was goalless in the 72nd minute when something truly bizarre happened.

Sioni Bolnisi kicked the ball out of play in order for one of their players to receive medical treatment, and when the game restarted Dinamo Tbilisi’s Xisco Muñoz attempted to pass the ball back the visiting goalie.

Incredibly, however, Xisco’s attempts at fair play went down the toilet when the Spaniard managed to lob the Sioni keeper from 40-yards out!

Happily the story didn’t end there.

With Dinamo Tbilisi truly apologetic for the goal they scored, Sioni Bolnisi’s Georgi Kakhelishvili was allowed he walk the ball in the home net from kick-off to allow the scores to get back to level pegging.

Sioni Bolnisi went on to win the game 2-1 courtesy of an 87th minute winner.

See the mad footage of how Dinamo Tbilisi’s attempts at fair play went wrong, then right, in Georgia.