Epic Double Miss! Kocis & Adamov (Rostov) v Volga

We feature crazy misses on 101 Great Goals almost on a weekly basis these days, if not even more regularly than that.

This one is slightly different to the average, as two players managed to miss one simple chance and the fact there was no communication between them undoubtedly caused the failure.

We join the action at 0-0 in the Russian Premier League match on Saturday between Volga and Rostov, two of the four bottom teams in the division.

A right wing cross was slid into the box and with keeper and defenders beaten it was left to Razvan Kocis and Roman Adamov to tap the ball into an empty night.

Of course, it wasn’t that simple and Volga had to wait until the 82nd minute to claim their winner, through Hector Bracamonte, for a 1-0 away win.

The Kocis/Adamov epic double miss v Volga is on this video.