England’s Frank Lampard (‘Rooney agenda’) & Raheem Sterling preview Uruguay & facing Luis Suarez [Video]

Frank Lampard and Raheem Sterling faced the media today to preview England’s next group game against Uruguay.

Frank Lampard, who’s been sidelined thus far by the burgeoning youth, spoke glowingly of the enthusiasm and vigour that the new kids have brought to the set-up, emphatically saying ‘they’re ready now’.

Raheem Sterling then spoke about the prospect of facing his Liverpool teammate Luis Suarez, honestly and bluntly saying he’d rather his clubmate wasn’t playing, but that they know what to do if he does.

Lampard then spoke eloquently about the pressure engulfing Wayne Rooney, and put some measured perspective on it: ‘If you take away the name, Rooney was very good against Italy, he made the goal. I think we’re at risk of it becoming an agenda about Rooney rather than a debate.’