Emporium wine bar eyewitness claims David Moyes scuffle was ‘blown out of proportion’ [Clitheroe Times]

An eyewitness to the scuffle that former Man United manager David Moyes became involved in  last night has told the Clitheroe Times (the locale where it took place) that it’s been ”blown out of proportion”.

The 26-year old man was at the Emporium Wine Bar and claims to have seen the whole thing for himself, scoffing the suggestion that a bottle was smashed over somebody’s head, as has been reported.

He told the Clitheroe Times: “I was in the Emporium having a drink with a friend when we noticed David Moyes in the next lounge with three other men.

“They’d been there for a couple of hours having a drink and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“Around 10pm one of the men went outside, perhaps for a cigarette, when he became involved in a heated argument. A table was knocked over, but that was about as serious as it got.

“David Moyes and the others went outside to see what was happening and the police arrived incredibly quickly.

“The group involved in the scuffle seemed to be in their 20s. I don’t know what was said, but it obviously caused some offence.”