Electroshock football (starring Fjortoft, Lundekvam, Bohinen & Myhre)

An absolute quality clip has reached us from Norway, this is a definite must watch.

Last week on Norwegian Channel TV2, hosts Johan Golden and Henrik Elvestad, of the Golden Goals show, conducted a football experiment called: Electroshock football (in Norwegian: Elektrosjokkfotball).

They played a small sided match between a host of Norwegian football legends, many of whom are well known in England, including Jan Aage Fjortoft, Claus Lundekvam, Lars Bohinen and Thomas Myhre.

Besides these former Premier League players there was also former Rosenberg and Norway star Mini Jakobsen included in what can only be described as a sadistic experiment.

Hosts Golden and Elvestad were sitting on the sidelines and thanks to gadgets usually employed to discipline dogs they were able to shock the footballers on a scale of 1 to 6.

The referee also wore an electroshock device on his leg and the brutal hosts spared no one on the pitch, especially Jan Aage Fjortoft whose pain threshold appears to be very low indeed.

Afterwards a smiling Golden said: “It was very fun to sit as a spectator and physically able to influence what happened on the pitch.”

Footage of Electroshock football featuring a host of Norwegian football legends can be seen here.

(The video should play automatically with English subtitles, if it doesn’t click on “cc” in the bottom right hand corner.)