“El Rory Delap del Sporting” – Luis Hernandez hailed as the new long throw master

Spain gave the world Tiki-Taka. English football on the other hand appears to be exporting the long throw. Oh dear.

Marca headline an article on Sporting Gijon defender Luis Hernandez today with the suggestion that he is the Rory Delap of the Spanish second division after setting up a late equaliser on Sunday with a lengthy throw-in.

Sporting Gijon were facing a 1-0 defeat at Cordoba and were down to 9 men with seven minutes remaining when Luis Hernandez launched a long throw into the box that Stoke boss Tony Pulis would have been proud of.

Hernandez, formerly of Real Madrid, and just 23-years-old, set up the goal scored by Canella and is now being hailed as Spain’s version of Rory Delap.

How long until Luis Hernandez is linked with Stoke?!

Luis Hernandez’s long throw assist for Sporting Gijon at Cordoba can be seen on the video below.