Edinson Cavani’s brother Gully gets sent off for fighting with a Pelotas teammate vs Caxias

Football’s long history of teammates attacking one-another received a new entry this week as Edinson Cavani’s brother Gully was red-carded for shoving his hand in the face of Douglas Silva.

The flare up occurred on Thursday night in Brazil’s Campeonato Gaucho as Caxias beat Pelotas 2-1.

After becoming embroiled in a slanging match with Silva when Pelotas won a corner, 33-year-old Gully stupidly twice shoved his teammate in the kisser. Immediately a cluster of Pelotas players intervened to separate the warring twosome, however by that stage the confrontation had registered with the referee, who felt compelled to take action.

Gully thought the man in black simply wanted to defuse the situation at first instance, as Canavi’s older brother flashed a thumbs up sign to the official after being taken to the side. But then came the twist as the Pelotas striker was dismissed for his aggressive behaviour to his colleague.

Watch Gully get sent off for fighting with his teammate here.