Edinson Cavani lucky to escape red card for blatant elbow on Juve’s Giorgio Chiellini

Not you Edinson, not you!

Napoli’s saintly, divine even, Uruguayan striker was involved in a rare piece of nasty play in his side’s draw with Juventus  on Friday night.

Serie A’s top of the table clash was feisty right from the off, with an individual duel heating up between Cavani and Juve’s full-back Giorgio Chiellini.

As can be seen in the pictue (left), Chiellini made it his business to unsettle the normally zen Cavani (he’s never been sent off), pulling his hair and sledging.

Despicable, childish, and little-girlish an act as that was by the Juve defender, there was simply no excusing Cavani’s retaliation.

Moments later, while awaiting a cross into the box, Cavani unleashed a vicious elbow on Chiellini, which knocked defender to the floor.

Then came the real controversy: the incident was seemingly seen by the referee’s assistant, but despite this the Uruguayan was only given a yellow card.

Cavani’s fairplay record remains intact, but his reputation may have taken a dent after this nasty incident.

Watch Edinson Cavani’s elbow on Giorgio Chiellini and subsequent yellow card on the clip below.

Cavani blatant elbow on Cheillini, booked only por UCL2410