Edgar Davids courts Flamengo at the Red Bull Street Style competition in Sao Paulo

Yesterday witnessed the Red Bull Street Style competition, a tournament designed for football free-stylers to compete head-to-head, battling it out for the honour of becoming the soccer trick-master.

Presiding over the judging, 35-year-old Edgar Davids was drafted in, and whilst in Brazil the unaffiliated footballer announced his desire to play for Flamengo. Davids said: “I dream of playing at Flamengo and I can still make it come true because I am still a professional player. I have already been contacted by a club that is not based in Brazil, but my career will last quite a bit longer.”

Davids was also interviewed on camera giving his views on what qualities were needed by the free-stylers to becomes champions. (Watch here.)

The action itself was breathtaking, with the world best talent all brought together in a free-style battle royale, with the winner, 24-year-old Arnaud Garnier of France, stealing the crown after he spun a ball on a Biro he was holding between his teeth.

Highlights of the competition can be seen here.

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