Eamon Dunphy claims Pep Guardiola was carried out of a nightclub the night Bayern won the league [Video]

Irish RTE viewers were treated with the juiciest, meatiest surprise anecdote of their lives on Wednesday night.

As the Irish RTE panel dissected Bayern Munich’s capitulation at the hands of Real Madrid, Eamon Dunphy produced the skinny to back up the feeling that Bayern took the foot off the gas after winning the Bundesliga back in April.

Dunphy claims – without any source, mind you – that on the night Bayern won the league, the Bavarians threw one almighty knees-up, as players and staff went out to paint the town red until all hours.

Guardiola, Dunphy claims, had to be carried out of the nightclub at 7am, as he was so intoxicated on the ol’ Weiss bier.

A pretty sensational anecdote given Pep’s prim and proper image, though of course it’s only alleged.