Dynamo Kiev’s Olexandr Aliyev is a dirty cheat

Olexandr Aliyev received his orders for an early bath last night at the Emirates, getting sent off just before the final whistle, but the Ukrainian should have been turfed off the pitch much earlier for a disgusting attempt at conning the ref.

As if acting out a war scene from Platoon, Olexandr Aliyev was captured writhing around the deck, clutching his ankle in apparent agony, as the number 8 put on an Oscar nominated performance to prove how “injured” he was.

However, when it became obvious that the ref had no interest in Aliyev’s yelps, incredibly the player’s powers of recovery sped into overdrive, with the midfielder jumping on his feet and spiriting to the aid of his Kiev teammates as Arsenal built another attack.

Video evidence that Olexandr Aliyev is a dirty cheat can be seen here.


So bad is the issue of players feigning injury in football, that the sport has become a joke for Czech rugby fans.

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Comparing the hard, honest men of rugby to the cheating, prima donnas littered throughout the world of football, this ad shows how footballers are getting a bad name for cheating.

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