Dutch MPs claim Gareth Bale’s Real Madrid transfer was bogusly financed by bankrupt Bankia

The question arose time and again over the summer during the Gareth Bale saga: did Florentino Perez really have the money to cough up? Is that why it stalled for so long?

Some astonishing claims have been made by Dutch MPs Gert Wilders and MEP Dirk Jan Eppink, who are apparently convinced the whole deal was financed by Spanish bank Bankia – who in theory should be in no position to finance such a deal, having just been bailed out last summer.

Irked by the prospect of the European taxpayer paying for the deal through the slipstream, they’re demanding a thorough investigation.

While these are mere unfounded allegations for the time being, it’s worth bearing in mind that the purchases of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka’ in 2009 were indeed financed by Caja Espana, and this is readily admitted and accepted at the Casa Blanca.

Bankia have dismissed the claims, assuring they had no involvement in the deal, and were never even contacted by Real Madrid.

Below are the accusatory tweets made by Mr Dirk Jan Eppink and his proposal for an investigation.