Dutch football federation release a video calling for gay footballers to ‘come out the closet’

Homosexuality in football is perhaps the biggest taboo in the modern game, but the Dutch football federation has now taken a stand to promote an atmosphere of tolerance in the Beautiful Game.

TV audiences in Holland have been watching a new advert over the past few weeks who’s aim is to encourage more gay footballers to come out the closet… literally.

The commercial captures a classic Sunday league football scene with one big difference: the main character of the advert is filmed running around, showering, and roundly participating in the event whilst moving around inside a closet.

Making sure people understand the commercial loud and clear, the ad ends with the message “Why not come out of the closet? Your team is on your side… Gay? There is nothing queer about it!”

Although the advert is little crass, credit should be showered on the Dutch football federation for taking on homophobia which is undoubtedly endemic throughout world football.

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(Dirty Tackle)