Dunga officially presented as new Brazil manager [Video]

This is not a nightmare, Brazilian fans: Dunga has really been officially presented as the new Brazil manager.

With Luiz Felipe Scolari resigning (before he was royally sacked) in the wake of Brazil’s horror-show World Cup, the notion of Dunga resuming charge of the Seleção must have seemed like a bad joke a week ago, but it’s come to pass.

The 1994 World Cup winning-captain and coach during the 2010 World Cup was unveiled to the media today, and vouced for by CBF President Jose Maria Marin.

Looking like even more of a hardass general than four years ago, Dunga said he didn’t feel the ‘massive rejection’ from the Brazilian people, as the reporters put it to him, with the vox-pop firmly against the return of the uninspiring, defensive-minded coach.

Dunga infamously banned reporters from Brazil training sessions in South Africa four years ago, even chasing them off the premises if he had to, and he said he’ll be reintroducing this policy now that he’s returned.

‘The Brazil team needs a moment of privacy right now, to practice certain plays and try different kinds of sessions.

I think this is the best way, and we need to do it.’

Even if Brazil’s training sessions can become a bit of a circus, probably not the best tactic from Dunga, if he wants to win back the massive tide against him in the press and beyond.