“DropGerrard” brings proof for his agenda

YouTuber “DropGerrard” has been fighting a video war with the England midfielder for a while now, continually rolling out videos supporting his agenda to have the Liverpool skipper kicked out of the national side.

We are still waiting for Gerrard’s indifferent Kazakhstan performance to be chopped up and added to the back-catalogue, but in the meantime we can take you down memory lane to show some of Stevie G’s more recent England car-crashes.

The first video recalls England’s 3-0 win over Estonia back in October 2007. According to “DropGerrard,” “The Observer newspaper voted Gerrard their man of the match for yesterday’s England v Estonia game. I heard somebody call them blind and thought I’d rewatch the game and prove the newspaper right with Gerrard’s highlights from the game.”

The footage can be seen here.

The second video comes from England’s recent 2-2 draw with the Czech Republic. On the day, Joe Cole bagged a scrappy injury-time goal to rescue the draw, and again Gerrard’s game was far from explosive.

The footage can be seen here.

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