Dragons’ Den: Investing in the England 2010 World Cup anthem

Dragons’ Den, the BBC’s investment reality show where entrepreneurs are invited to pitch their ideas at angel investors, recently faced an interesting proposal when Warren Cole turned up asking for money in his England 2010 World Cup anthem.

Appearing online rather than on the television version of the show, the entrepreneur’s unusual pitch was to offer Dragons Julie Meyer and Shaf Rasul the opportunity to invest £25,000 in Warren’s footy tune for 20% equity in the royalties and merchandise sales connected with the song’s future success.

Warren’s charm offensive hinged on the musicians’ 30 second acoustic version of the song, which surprisingly turned out to be much better than may have been expected. Charmed, the Dragons’ were impressed by the opportunity to invest but, as is usual practice, the entrepreneur had to compromise heavily to secure the investment he so badly craved.

Warren Cole’s Dragons’ Den pitch can be seen in two parts here and here.