‘Dr’ Romario reads somewhere that Lionel Messi has Asperger’s Syndrome, tweets it as fact

World Cup winning, Dream-Teaming striker, legendary womanizer, MP; Romario’s a true Renaissance Man, but he’d hitherto kept his best skill secret: Romario is a qualified Doctor of psychiatry.

Well that’s what you’d be lead to believe by reading his tweets yesterday, when he presented an unfounded rumour about Lionel Messi as a rudimentary, irrefutable fact.

Completely out of the blue (he’d just previously tweeted ‘good night’), Romario tweeted: ‘Did you know Messi has Asperger’s Syndrome? It’s a mild form of autism, which has given him a superior gift of concentration to others.’

**Continues scanning Wikipedia entry ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’, scrolls down to ‘Famous Cases’…

He then tweeted, ”Newton and Einstein also had a certain amount of autism, I hope Messi will be able to managed his syndrome and continue to show us his beautiful football.”

The Messi Asperger theory has been circulating in the underbelly of the blogosphere for around two years now, and has resurfaced and broken into the mainstream since El Confidencial’s story two weeks ago telling of his obstreperous training ground behaviour, but there’s simply no proof to it, and Romario tweeting it like that was extremely tactless and downright stupid.

His decision to tweet it and show himself as some medical oracle is typical of a society obsessed with labelling others with conditions and syndromes (cheers ‘Merica). You have mood swings? – You’re bipolar mate, get some pills and a medical certificate.

Psychology is far from an exact science, and too many are all too willing to put 2 and 2 together to get 5 with this Messi theory. You can be quiet, shy, and retiring without having to walk around as a labelled ‘Asperger’s’ case, and Romario should have known better.


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