Don’t Make Him Angry! Zenit’s Hulk pushes ref after being sent off v Volga

He earned the nickname for his sculpted muscular frame, but Givanildo Vieira de Souza AKA Hulk has a temper on him.

The Brazilian striker with the voluptuous posterior lost his cool today after being harshly sent off in Zenit’s 3-1 win over Volga.

Already booked and told by the ref to wait for the whistle on a Zenit free-kick, Hulk ignored (or misunderstood) the order and took a quick one anyway.

The ref gave an incredulous Hulk a second yellow, and struggled to constrain his anger.

Refusing to leave the pitch after repeated instruction, he manhandled the ref with a shove, and luckily for him the man in black didn’t do a Paul Alcock on it and fall over, but the Brazilian striker will still likely be punished for his outburst of rage.

Hulk by name, Hulk by nature!

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