Done at Chelsea, defender Ashley Cole could be set for a shock return to Arsenal [Daily Mail]

Last week it was Robin van Perise, today it’s Ashley Cole.

The Daily Mail appear to have a hard-on for trying to piece back together the great Arsenal team of yesteryear as, after spreading rumours that Robin van Persie could walk out on Manchester United to return to the Gunners, today a similar story is peddle with regards to Ashley Cole.

The hack responsible for tabling this non-starter transfer rumour is Neil Ashton, who seems to base much of his opinion on conjecture and assumptions. Ashton writes:

Cole’s work at Chelsea is done… A first-class defender is now second choice for one of the biggest clubs in Europe. At some point it must come to a natural conclusion.

If he leaves Chelsea this summer, when the contract he signed last January expires, at least he can make a dignified exit.

It wasn’t that long ago, after Arsenal’s 0-0 draw with Chelsea on December 23, that Arsene Wenger admitted he would take him back. Asked whether he would be prepared to re-sign a man who forced through a move to Chelsea in 2006, Wenger replied: ‘If I needed a left back, yes.’

Don’t rule anything out in this game.

Video evidence from when Ashley Cole was an Arsenal player is below.