Doing a Luis Suarez: An Ecuadorian footballer bites an opponent in the face

A shocking incident was recorded on Sunday night in Ecuador as a footballer tried doing a Luis Suarez by biting an opponent in the face.

Edwin Hurtado, a 30-year-old defender for Deportivo Quevedo, collected a yellow card midway through the second half against SC Barcelona, when he went for opponent Andrés Franzoia with his gnashers.

The episode began when Franzoia jostled in the box with a Deportivo Quevedo during a corner, and Franzoia’s physical play left his marker flat out on the ground.

That sparked a fracas between Franzoia and Hurtado, which escalated when Hurtado crazily went on the attack with his teeth.

Hurtado looked to bit Franzoia on his nose, and immediately the attacker fell to the floor. Whilst the incident undoubtedly appeared nasty, it’s unclear just how much contact Hurtado actually made.

Watch the Luis Suarez copycat incident in Ecuador below.