D’oh! Maranhao (Bahia) bamboozles himself with his fake-hit manoeuvre vs Botafogo

This is brilliantly bad.

Bahia forward Maranhao suffered a horrifically embarrassing moment last weekend when taking on a Figueirense defender.

Standing wide left and looking to get a cross in the box, Maranhao tried to open up a yard of space by pretending to thump the ball in the mixer. Maranhao managed to make his covering Botafogo defender flinch when he attempted the move at first instance, but the problems started when Maranhao went for the same trick in rapid succession.

Instead of bamboozling his opponent, Maranhao managed to turn nastily on his ankle before crashing to the deck like a sack of potatoes.

Maranhao’s skill FAIL can be enjoyed here.

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