Doh! Manchester United fans Tweet abuse at American woman named Ashley Williams!

Football fans are so stupid!

Much like when Tottenham fans Tweeted abuse at cyclist Chris Hoy after a poor refereeing performance by Chris Foy at Stoke last season, a blonde American lady by the name of Ashley Williams became a target for Manchester United fans after the 1-1 draw at Swansea.

Their ire was centred around the incident involving Ashley Williams and Robin van Persie, which Sir Alex Ferguson infamously said after the game “could have killed” the Dutch striker.

Swansea defender Ashley Williams Tweets under the handle: “@AshWills84” whilst “@ashleywilliams” is taken by a blonde American women, who happens to be a lawyer, from Springfield, Missouri, if her bio is to be believed.

The two photos on the left of this post show that the two Ashley Williams’ couldn’t be much more different but that didn’t stop the American lady receiving plenty of abuse which she handled rather well.

A selection of the Tweets received by the wrong Ashley Williams can be seen below.