D’oh! Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud says “I love English pop rock, the Beatles, Coldplay & Green Day”

A new video has surfaced of Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud talking about his emotions when the French striker hears his song sung at the Emirates.

Arsenal fans have rearranged the hook of the Beatles’ classic song “Hey Jude” to make it fit for leading centre-forward, yet when the striker talked about the tune he seemed alittle confused as to which music bands are actually English.

Giroud said: “I love English pop rock. I love The Beatles, Coldplay, Green Day. So I like a lot of English music… I’m really proud to have my proper song, my own song. It gives me goosebumps.”

Obviously music aficionados will be quick to spot the error in Giroud’s comments as Green Day are very much an all American group.

Listen to Olivier Giroud’s comments below.