D’oh! (Andres Carevic vs Club America)

Last weekend proved difficult for Atlante defender Andres Carevic.

Playing in the Mexican league against Club America, Carevic was struck down by a sudden brain-freeze, causing the centre-half to total lose his bearings, resulting in a comedy football moment.

The incident arrived in the 35th minute, after America had the opportunity to sling the ball into the mixer from a free-kick. An Atlante defender managed to initially get his head on the cross, sending the ball up-and-under in the box before coming down in the vicinity of Andres Carevic.

With his eyes firmly fixed skywards, Carevic was totally unaware that he was battling for the ball with one of his own teammates, rather than an opposition player. And this proved to be a critical error as the complete communication breakdown left Andres Carevic at sixes and sevens, wishing the ground would open up and swallow him whole.

Carevic’s horror own goal can be seen here.

To compound matters, three minutes later Atlante manager Jose Guadalupe Cruz withdrew Carevic from the field and his side responded by turning the match around 3-1.