Does this graphic put Arsenal’s current “woes” in perspective?

The graphic below is fascinating and for many will put in perspective just what a good job Arsene Wenger has done at Arsenal in recent years.

Via Sport Magazine, it shows the net transfer spend of every Premier League club since Arsenal moved to the Emirates at the start of season 2006/2007.

Considering Arsenal can only be found way at the bottom, far below even the likes of Everton, Wigan and Reading, it proves just how difficult it has been for Arsene Wenger to juggle a consistent top four finish and the ongoing payments for the new stadium.

No doubt, there will be many who argue Wenger has had money which he has decided not to spend but with Arsenal again looking likely to trump Spurs in the race for a top four finish, this is undoubtedly a fascinating graphic.

Also of interest is just how much Manchester City and Chelsea have spent since 2006/2007. And that Manchester United only come fifth on this particular list – mainly due to the fee received for Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

It also paints Liverpool in a particularly poor light compared to Merseyside rivals Everton and Aston Villa’s net spend in recent years simply beggars belief.