Does Crystal Palace’s Neil Danns have the X Factor?

We know times are tough at Crystal Palace, but have they become so bad that their players are being forced to think about alternative careers when they’re in their prime?

Joining the long list of footballers (Kevin Keegan, Andy Cole and Paul Gascoigne to name but a few) who have tried, and failed, to successfully negotiate the crossover into music, the latest player to embark on a life as a music star is the Eagles’ 27-year-old midfielder Neil Danns.

Making this whole topic that much more difficult to report is the fact that Danns appears to be taking the music road very seriously. He is about to try and go mainstream with the release of his first single “Survive” – a cheesy number about how tough life is today and whether there can be world peace, which is edited with provocative pictures of the Twin Towers blowing up and what appears to be an Iraqi kid holding hands with an American soldier.

“Survive” can be seen here.

Danns has also released a cover of Eric Clapton’s timeless number “Wonderful Tonight” in which the budding singer borrows the guitar legend’s rift and risks spoiling the classic by spitting his own lyrics over the top.

Danns’ cover of the Clapton classic can be seen here.