Dodgy Decision of the Week: Motohiro Yoshida (Tokushima Vortis) vs Fabio (Avispa Fukuoka)

This footage comes from Japan’s second division match between Avispa Fukuoka and Tokushima Vortis from Wednesday night.

With the home side leading 1-nil thanks to Yuki Ishida’s header on the hour mark, the match entered a tense final few moments as Avispa tried to see out the last few minutes without conceding. Yet there efforts were horribly undone by some awful defending in the last minute of the match.

With Tokushima Vortis simply trying to score by any means possible, a long ball who hoofed down the middle towards their Brazilian centre-forward Fabio. The home centre-halves failed to cut out the up-and-under, allowing the ball to travel all the way through to home keeper Motohiro Yoshida, with Fabio still determined to get on the end of the loose ball.

Amazingly Fabio won the race, the striker managing to head he ball before the keeper was able to clear up the danger. However, in what would be assault in the real world, Fabio took a clobbering in the face from keeper Yoshida for his troubles, send the striker straight to the deck. So, with the ref only feet away from the decision a penalty had to be given… right?

Harald Schumacher (pictured) would have been proud!

The most controversial decision of the week can be seen here.

(Amazingly, the hosts still managed to find an equaliser as Okubo levelled in injury time. So maybe there is such a thing as karma.)