Do FIFA need to investigate Bahrain 10 – Indonesia 0?

No doubting the most eye catching result of Asian World Cup qualifying on a busy Wednesday, Bahrain demolishing Indonesia 10-0.

Peter Taylor’s Bahrain side went into the qualifier needing to reverse a a goal difference deficit of nine to have any chance of overhauling Qatar who faced a tricky trip to Group E leaders Iran.

Bahrain’s task was made significantly easier when Indonesia keeper Syamsidar was sent off after just three minutes and the home side could even afford to miss two penalties and still win by a ridiculous scoreline.

In the end though Bahrain’s hopes of qualification were foiled by an 86th minute equaliser for Qatar to secure a 2-2 draw with Iran.

Plenty of pundits have already questioned whether the result proves there was perhaps an agreement between the two sides and that Bahrain should be investigated.

Bear in mind, Bahrain’s previous highest score was 5-0 and that the last three World Cup meetings between these two sides ended 2-0 to Bahrain, 2-1 to Indonesia and 3-1 Bahrain.

The most likely explanation given is that Indonesia fielded a B team and they had their keeper sent off after three minutes. But surely,  Indonesia’s fielding of a weakened side is hugely unfair on Qatar.

Have a look for yourself if there was anything untowards during Bahrain 10-Indonesia 0.

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