Djurgarden fans attack Assyriska players during pitch invasion (video)

Eleven-time Swedish Allsvenskan champions Djurgardens avoided relegation to the Superetten (Swedish second division) by overcoming a 2-nil deficit from the first leg of a relegation play off against Assyriska, winning 3-0 at the Stockholm stadium.

At the end of the match though, a number of Djurgardens fans invaded the pitch to celebrate securing another season in the top flight.  In addition to celebrating with their heroes though, they also attacked a number of Assyriska players.

The police consulted with Djurgargen officials and the stadium security after the incident in an attempt to locate the attackers but without success.

The club can expect a fine of up to 500,000 Swedish kroner for the incident.  However, given that the referee was not threatened, there appears no risk of Djurgargen suffering a technical loss. Such a decision would of course result in relegation to the Superetten.

Footage of the violence can be seen in this video while more footage of the general pitch invasion can be seen here.