The DJ goal celebration: Marcello Matrone (HIK) v AC Vantaa

Does the name Marcello Matrone ring a bell? It should do.

Playing in the Finnish third division for HIK, Brazilian striker Marcello Matrone has established himself as a world-wide viral smash after repeatedly producing outlandish, pop-cultured, music-inspired goal celebrations.

His legacy is already pretty long: we’ve had the Shakira “Waka Waka” celebration, the Amy Winehouse celebration, the Lady Gaga celebration, as well as his Guns N’ Roses tribute. But those were all a while ago.

Happily Marcello Matrone has now produced a new, brilliant goal celebration after scoring HIK’s third goal against AC Vantaa earlier this week.

After planting the ball in the net with a tidy lob, Matrone prompted someone in the crowd to blast house music over the tannoy system. Then, with the music blaring and with a teammate accompanying him on the halfway-line, the Brazilian stood behind a makeshift DJ booth as he pretended to spin tunes.

If you have any ideas for Marcello Matrone’s next celebration we advise you to contact him on Twitter @marcellomatrone.

Enjoy Marcello Matrone’s DJ goal celebration below: