Disgraceful diving & a peek-a-boo: Braian Aleman (Defensor Sporting) v Chivas

The Copa Libertadores witnessed some shocking cheating on Wednesday night, sadly reminiscent of behaviour that is becoming common place in the European Champions League.

Over at Dirty Tackle, Brooks Peck highlights “The Busquets Peek…  perfected by Sergio Busquets and imitated by Didier Drogba on European soil,” but this is a two-part shocker with Aleman producing a crude dive even before the peek-a-boo.

Just before half-time, with the score 0-0, Defensor Sporting’s midfielder Braian Aleman went for a run down the right and was blocked off by a defender’s back.

Aleman then went down, clutching his face as if shot by a sniper in the crowd with legs waggling. Whilst on the ground Aleman also peeked through his hands to see if the referee had given the free-kick. Shocking!

As a result, Julio Nava was sent off for a second bookable offence and Defensor Sporting went on to win the Copa Libertadores group match 1-0.

Brian Alema’s disgraceful diving and peek-a-boo can be seen here.