Disgrace! Leeds United fans sing songs glorifying sex predator Jimmy Savile

The attack on Sheffield Wednesday goalie Chris Kirkland wasn’t the only sickening moment at Hillsborough on Friday night.

Perhaps even more twisted than the assault of the one moron on keeper Kirkland was the despicable sound of the Leeds United fans singing songs in support of sexual predator Jimmy Savile.

For anyone outside the United Kingdom who may be unaware of who Jimmy Savile was, Leodensians Savile, now deceased, was a famous TV and radio personality who appeared on the BBC for several decades. Savile has now been disgraced after several of women have exposed him as a vile sex predator.

Britain is currently gripped by a furious inquiry to accurately chronicle the depth of  Jimmy Savile’s horrific sexual assaults, however Leeds United supporters inexplicably decided to turn Savile into some sort  martyr on Friday night through the vehicle on song.

As observed by Sheffield Wednesday manager Dave Jones in an article in the Sun on Sunday:

The Jimmy Savile chants told me this wasn’t about one fan; the ripped up seats, the hoardings being pulled up, bottles thrown on the pitch, police and stewards being pushed and shoved. All this told me it wasn’t about one bad fan. I apologise if I’m tarring all good Leeds fans — but I ask them to imagine what they would do if they were in my shoes? What would they do, if they had their daughter, their son, their two young grandchildren — 11 and 8, crying for Christ sake — listening to all the vile chants coming from the crowd? Those chants weren’t coming from just one bad fan. They were chanting about Jimmy Savile as if he’s some kind of hero.

Leeds fans should be ashamed of themselves, but as you’ll see in the video below, that seemed to be the last emotion they were experiencing last Friday night.

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