Disgrace: Corinthians’ Elias is called a “monkey” by a Danubio’s Cristian Gonzalez [Video]

Racism reared it’s ugly head in Brazil on Wednesday night as Corinthians beat Danubio 4-0 in the Copa Libertadores.

A happy night for Corinthians was spoiled however, when Cristian Gonzalez racially abused Elias on camera.

Television footage appeared to show Danubio central defender Gonzalez calling Elias a “monkey”.

While Elias refused to talk about the incident, his team mate Cassio spoke to the press after the game about the racist abuse. Cassio said:

Elias showed great maturity in not reacting. It’s awful, it’s offensive, and maybe punishments should be harsher. We gave our answer on the pitch.

Watch the footage above.