Dirty. Filthy. Scumbag! Samson Godvin (Karpaty Lviv) vs Fredrik Carlsen (Aalesund)

Kevin Muscat can rest easy. Football has a new scumbag to hate on.

Just weeks after Muscat got tongues wagging worldwide for an outrageously violent assault on Adrian Zahra that had the effect of retiring the hardman from the game following an eight match suspension, Karpaty Lviv’s Nigerian midfielder Samson Godvin has picked up the torch to become the dirtiest football on the planet following a disgraceful episode in the Copa del Sol on Thursday night.

Playing against Norwegian side Aalesund, the incident kicked-off in the final 15 minutes when Godvin and Fredrik Carlsen clashed.

In fairness to Godvin – and this is the only leeway on offer throughout the whole incident – Carlsen clearly chopped the number seven down for a blatant foul to sparks things off. Everything from that period on, however, was pure evil menace from Godvin.

As he fell to the ground following his take-down, slow motion replays clearly caught Godvin eyeing up Carlsen as his legs dropped downwards. Then, in what looked like a carefully orchestrated, sly attempt to “accidentally” injured his opponent, Godvin grated the side of Carlsen’s face (right under his eye) with the studs on the bottom of his boot.

Immediately Carlsen went down grabbing his face and the match was called to a halt.

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Then came the second deplorable action from Godvin. With few spectators in the crowd, the midfielder was clearly heard arguing “I didn’t touch him” in a bone-faced lie as exposed by the replays.

After the officials had a moment to discuss the episode, finally the red card was brandished. That lead to the third and final disgusting installment from Godvin as he hocked a lugie at Carlsen as he angrily stormed off the pitch.

Watch Samson Godvin’s indefensible behaviour.

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