Dirty Bugger! Modeste M’bami (Al Ittihad) pretended to be a proctologist to Khaled Al Zatlai

Cameroonian international Modeste M’bami, a former PSG and Marseille midfielder, has courted a huge amount of controversy in Saudi Arabia after a being caught sticking his hand up Khaled Al Zatlai’s bum.

M’bami, now 30, joined Al Ittihad back in July and he has so far collected 15 appearances for his new employers. Last Friday, though, M’bami lost his composure against Al Nassr.

The incident started in the 50th minute when Al Zatlai fell to the floor, right next to M’bami, under a tackle from another Al Ittihad player.

With Al Zatlai looking for a foul, the Al Nassr number 25 fell on top of the ball so that his hands actually stopped the ball completely. M’bami didn’t seem to appreciate that so, in a majorly out-of-proportion reaction, he shoved his hand into a place where it should never have been.

The officials missed the incident, and M’bami got off scott-free.

Watch Modeste M’bami pretend to be a proctologist below.