Dietmar Hamman calls Man City talisman Yaya Toure a “liability” on Match of the Day

A packed Match of the Day, featuring all 10 games, was a must watch on New Year’s Day and there was a fresh feeling with pundits Dietmar Hamman and Robbie Fowler joining Gary Lineker in the studio.

For once, there wasn’t the punditry on offer whereby Alan Shearer or Mark Lawrenson explains to us what is happening on the screen but actual analysis.

But, former Bayern Munich, Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester City midfielder Dietmar Hamman caused controversy on the social networks with the suggestion that Yaya Toure is a “liability.”

Hamman pointed out that whilst Toure is great going forward and has a terrific scoring record, he does leave Fernandinho isolated and the Ivory Coast midfielder gives opposing sides more of an opportunity than he should.

What followed was true insight and disagreement on Match of the Day with Robbie Fowler taking an opposing view (shock, horror!) with both former Liverpool stars arguing their points well.

The always eloquent Ian Macintosh has discussed Dietmar Hamman’s appearance on MOTD, and he writes:

“Shout at pundits for being lazy. Shout at them for not knowing the rules. Shout at them for putting the crotch of their tight trousers into your living room like an exotic dancer you don’t remember booking, but when they make an interesting point and back it with evidence, perhaps just agree to differ?”